Unless you’re wonderful with words, knowing how to write the perfect greeting card may not be the easiest thing to do. You may struggle and may even resort to stalling in the hopes of finding inspiration, but eventually, you’ll end up on Google trying to find the perfect message to include in the greeting card.

Thus, if you are trying to figure out how to write a greeting card message without sounding cliché, inexperienced, or simply unoriginal, it’s important to keep the following writing tips in mind in order to produce the perfect greeting card message:

Avoid milestones

If you’re going to write a successful greeting card without stating the obvious, it’s best to avoid cliché content such as milestones – unless you’re 100% sure of what you’re writing. Milestones such as birth dates, years of employment etc. tend to be stating the obvious when it’s much easier to skip that type of information – ensuring that the greeting card message remains original without taking up useless space.

Use unique wording

When trying to figure out how to write a greeting card message, it’s important to skip cliché Google messages and add your own – especially if you’re able to be somewhat creative. If you want to be personal and send a heartfelt message, it’s best to put it in your own words instead of using someone else’s. Remember, the message is more sincere that way.

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Throw in a few compliments

It never hurts anyone to add a few compliments to your greeting card message – taking into consideration that you keep it short without sounding needy or as someone with an agenda. We all enjoy a nice compliment every once in a while, but it’s important to be sincere otherwise you’ll come across as sarcastic.

Evoke emotion

Greeting card messages should evoke emotion – whether you’re writing a get well wish, a congratulatory card, or adding a little bit of humour to your message. If not, you’ll end up adding a few useless words to a beautiful greeting card design without accomplishing the main goal: creating a warm reaction from the recipient.

Use a quality pen

You simply can’t write a well thought out greeting card message on a professional greeting card design with a crappy pen, right? Be sure to choose the right ink colour and pen qualities. The pen should feel smooth with no dragging or scratching – offering quality penmanship without streaking. You’ll notice the difference on the overall final ‘product’ and your recipient will notice the quality and effort put into writing the perfect greeting card message.

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Make it personal

You have to be able to offer personalisation in your wording – especially if you’re a close friend of the recipient. Avoid cliché well wishes without personality or emotion, as it’s the emotion that’ll set your message apart from the rest. Take your time to plan your message and don’t be afraid to become slightly personal; within limits.

Be creative

There are no set rules when figuring out how to write a greeting card message. You don’t have to follow a certain format or word count. You certainly don’t need to be rehearsed. All you need to be is a little bit creative in your wording and perhaps even your style of writing and you’ll be able to deliver the perfect greeting card message.

Let it flow naturally

Avoid using big and complicated words that you simply never use in a natural conversation. It’ll make the greeting card message seem ‘fake’ and quite difficult to read – preventing your message from flowing naturally. Write the same way you would speak, within limits, in order to connect with the recipient. Remember, a greeting card message is all about personalisation and delivering a message that evokes emotion by connecting with the recipient.

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October 17, 2022