Melbourne International Comedy Festival (MICF) Flyer & Poster Printing

Are you a comedian gearing up for the Melbourne International Comedy Festival and looking for the flyer and poster printing to boost attendance at your shows? Look no further!

At Classic Colour Copying, we print high-quality A3 and A6 flyers and posters at a great price to meet the unique needs of comedians like you.


Order your comedy posters online in one of the sizes below.

  • A3 Poster (297 x 420mm)
  • A6 Flyer (105 x 148mm) - Early Bird Prices Available!
  • "Almost A6" Flyer Discount - (100 x 140mm).
    This limited edition size is only marginally smaller than a standard A6, and is printed on high quality paper from our warehouse. Due to it's unique size, we are offering an additional 8% discount on orders for this size vs a standard A6.

Don't see what you're looking for? We can print just about anything, so get in touch if you're looking for a more custom flyers, posters, stickers or other promotional materials.


Competitive Prices & Fast Printing

Don't settle for anything less than the best for your Melbourne International Comedy Festival promotional materials. We take pride in delivering superior print quality that captures the essence of your comedy show. Vivid colors, crisp images, and premium paper stock ensure that your flyers stand out and leave a lasting impression on potential audience members.

Save $$ without comprimising on quality

  • Low prices for comedy flyers
  • Bang for your buck - quality flyers, bulk discounts
  • Fast turnaround on printing
  • Convenient Lygon Street location
  • 5% Discount for in-store pickup!

A3 Poster Quantity 


A3 Poster Price 

297 x 420mm

25 $74
50 $128
75 $182
100  $191
125 $234
150 $277
175 $290
200 $328
Order A3 Posters NOW

A6 and "Almost A6 Flyer Printing Price Comparison

Flyer Quantity


"Almost A6" Flyers

100 x 140mm

 A6 Flyer 

105 x 148mm

Early Bird A6 Flyers

50 $60.72 $66
100 $86.48 $94
150 $111.32 $121
250 $150.88 $164 $155.80
500 $216.20 $235 $211.50
1000 $359.72 $391 $293.25
2000 - $528 $343.20
4000 - $968 $484

What should I include on my MICF poster?

Include in all marketing material:

  • show title
  • artist name
  • who the show is presented by
  • a strong, eye-catching key image
  • dates, time, venue of show
  • a clear call to action about where and how to buy tickets ( • sponsor logos (FYI these must be cleared with the Festival’s Partnership Manager first)
  • one or two genuine quotes about how fantastic the comedian or the show is
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival season logo (find this in the Resources section of the performers site)|
  • Don't put important information too close to the edge of the flyer to avoid it getting cut during trimming.

How do I get the CHEAPEST comedy show flyers printed?

At Classic Colour, we understand many of you are operating on a shoestring budget, and we are here to help! For those of you looking to maximise your $$ and save the most, here are the discounts we are offering for comedy posters.

Opt to pick up in store: Save 5% on comedy flyers using COMEDYPICKUP5 (applied on checkout).
Almost A6: Save 8% by ordering the slightly smaller cousin of our A6 flyers
Order in advance! If you're looking to purchase 250+ flyers in a A6 size, order a week before you need them to save between 5% up to 50% for quantities of 4,000+

Frequently Asked Questions

What format do I need to send the artwork in?

Please ensure that you upload print ready PDFs. A print ready PDF needs to be:

  • High resolution
  • 300dpi images
  • CMYK colours,
  • 3mm of bleed on all sides,
  • Trim marks supplied

If you are unable to supply as a print ready PDF, we may be able to use other files and fix any that are not print ready. This can incur an additional fee.

How close to the edge can my design go?

If you're DIY'ing your flyers, one of the biggest challenges is making sure all your important information is placed properly.

We recommend when designing that you;

  • don't have any important content like Wording, QR codes, and general information closer than 7mm to the edge of the page. If you have items on the cut line - they will get trimmed off. 
  • if you have to remember only 1 thing about print layout - just don't put important information the edge. 1cm from the edge will solve 95% f the problems we have with files.

Here's a resource on Canva on bleed lines in your design: Resource

Can you help me with the design?

Of course! We offer in-house design services - please note this comes as an additional cost, so please get in touch to discuss.

Can I send you a poster I made in Canva?


Just make sure when you create it, you make your file in the correct size.

When you export your design;

  1. Select 'PDF Print' as the file type
  2. Tick "Crop marks and bleed"
  3. Tick "Flatten PDF"
  4. Select CMYK as the colour profile

How quickly can you print my flyers and posters?

Provided you put your order in by 10am, we will have them available to pickup by COB the next business day. Eg: you submit them Monday at 10am, you'll be able to pick them up before we shut on Tuesday. We'll message you to notify when they are ready.

Can you do same day printing?

We can! While our turnaround is typically 24 hours, if you need these ASAP Mon- Fri, give us a call before you order to let us know and we'll prioritise them same day if possible.

How much notice do you need for the early bird discount?

The turnaround for the early bird discount is only one week!

So if you're ordering a few weeks out from the festival you can save $$$ on your larger quantity A6 flyers.

What finish will the posters and flyers have?

Our flyers and posters will come coated, which gives a semi-gloss type appearance.

Coated flyers and posters are a great choice, as the smooth finish means t restricts the amount of ink that is absorbed into the paper, allowing the ink to sit on top of the paper, resulting in a crisp, bold print.

Is your paper environmentally friendly and recyclable?

Our paper is FSC certified and printed with minimal waste front of mind. The paper used is 100% recyclable and chosen to make colours pop and costs down.