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Finishing and Post-Printing Services in Melbourne

At Classic Colour Copying, we are pioneers and specialists of high quality digital printing in Melbourne. Our professional team is here to ensure that every one of our printing services exceeds expectations– that is part of our commitment to customer satisfaction. One way that we do so is through our finishing services, meant to make your final printed product shine amongst the rest.

Finishing services refer to any process that is applied to a product post-printing, such as laminating, binding, mounting, tab cutting, and the like. The reasons for utilising these services can vary, but generally the purpose is to make the product more functional and aesthetically pleasing. We provide all sorts of finishing services on our custom-printed goods, and we are sure to have exactly what you are looking for.

What Sort of Finishing Services Do We Offer?

We offer a large assortment of finishing services within a range of prices. Some of our most popular finishing and post-printing services include the following:

  • Stapling & Saddle Stitching – ideal for books and other reading materials
  • Folding & Trimming – good options for perfecting swing labels and cards
  • Perforating & Scoring – helpful when creating tear-apart products like vouchers
  • Hole Punching – great for hanging display signage and for items that you would like to hold together with binder rings or string
  • Die Cutting – for when you are creating products with specific shapes, small runs are not a problem
  • Tabbing – to help segment your printed products into categories or sections
  • Laminating – best way to protect items from moisture damage and tearing
  • Spot UV – otherwise known as varnish; best for making specific text or graphics stand out on cards and other printed products
  • Foiling – to add some metallic flair to business cards, greeting cards, and similar items
  • Mounting – suitable when you want to display a print but don’t want to frame it
  • Framing – ideal if you have a high-quality print to showcase
  • Canvas Stretching – ensures your art will stay taut and damage-free when displayed

  • But these are not even all of the finishing services we are able to provide. We also offer high-quality document binding at Classic Colour Copying. We have various options available for this service, some of which include:

  • Metal Spiral Wire – binding composed of thin, metal spiral wires
  • Plastic Coil – binding composed of slightly thick plastic coil
  • Perfect Binding – binding that relies on glue rather than string to hold pages together
  • Saddle Stitching – 2 staples on the book spine.
  • If there is another type of finishing service you would like that is not listed here, reach out to our team to see what we can do for you.

Printing and Finishing for All Affairs

Our services do not simply cater to one specific group. We want our printing solutions to be beneficial for all, which is why we strive to recognise the needs of all sorts of people. From personal to professional use to everything in between, our top-tier printing and finishing services have helped many achieve the product appearance or function that they want, and and they are sure to help you too.

The resources we offer are ideal for students and teachers, business owners, event organisers, craft enthusiasts, salespeople, entrepreneurs, food service professionals, art collectors, general hobbyists, and many more groups. We are here to make your life easier and deliver premium colour printing for any occasion.

Some Benefits of Finishing Services

You may be wondering why finishing services are important. You’ve got your printed product; isn’t that enough? Perhaps, but not always– especially when you desire a product that really stands out and meets the particulars of your ideal printing outcome.

There are so many reasons why post-printing customisation matters, both for personal and professional projects.

  1. For one, finishing services can help to protect your specially printed signs, banners and print materials. You just spent time and money developing your customised materials and now you should make sure that they hold up as long as you need them to.
  2. Finishing services (such as stapling, binding, etc.) can also help you keep all elements of your document together. This is especially important for large print jobs with many bits to keep track of.
  3. They can help spice up more basic projects. If you have material that can be considered quite dry such as a technical business proposal, instruction manual or resume, the addition of some post-printing sheen or spot varnish may be just the boost it needs.
  4. Finishing services help you to customise your goods even further to suit their ideal use. If you want custom-shaped or folded company cards, labels, pamphlets or other documents for your business, finishing services can provide your desired outcome.
  5. Lastly, certain finishing services make your products more ideal for display and promotional purposes. This may mean preparing them to be hung or mounted, folding them so they can stand on their own, binding them for easy distribution, or something else.

We Can Provide the Advice You Need

Are you unsure how to best finish your printing project? We know that our huge range of options can appear overwhelming at first glance. Luckily, our digital printing experts are here to guide you and recommend services that best suit your situation.

We hold over 30 years of experience in the industry. Our knowledge, efficiency and attention to detail are second to none. We work with you to not only finalise your printing projects, but to ensure that they are exceptional! So trust Classic Colour Copying for any digital printing or signage requests in or around Melbourne CBD.

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