Large Format Printing Melbourne

Professional Large Format In-House Printers

We create all types of large format printing signs and advertisements. Whether you want a billboard banner, wall mural, large poster or vehicle signage, we have you covered. Printing big is a great way to advertise your business or promote your product in an eye-catching way.

Our Retail & Large Format Specialist, Peter, is there to work closely with you, ensuring your large format printing job is completed in a way that best suits your needs. Our large format printing service is also done locally in Melbourne – so if you need it fast, we can move fast.

Our Work - Large Format Print at Rod Laver Arena

Our Large Format Printing Services include:

  • Computer Cut Vinyl Lettering
  • Trade and Expo show booth printing
  • Removable Wall friendly graphics & murals
  • Printed window frostings
  • Award and opening plaque printing (Glass, metal & acrylic)
  • Art & Installation printing

We prioritise high quality large format printing

Why should you choose us? We do all of our large format printing jobs in Melbourne at our convenient Brunswick East location. This means that we are readily available, print fast, and solve any problems quickly without sacrificing quality. It also means that you can see and keep track of exactly what you are getting.

We use the best large format printers, equipment and materials to ensure we get it right every time, regardless of the scope or complexity of the project. Our large format work is weather resilient, and printed with UV safe inks in high resolution, so fine details up close are not lost.

Materials and Inks we use

We can print onto materials up to around 50mm thick, and irregular shapes are no trouble. Not only that, but we can also print white & clear raised inks, as well as our durable & UV safe CMYK inks. We can print with basically anything we can fit on its flatbed (1250mm x 2500mm) or on a roll (2200mm x however long the roll is!). Some of the many materials we regularly print with include:

  • Paper
  • Plastics
  • Canvases
  • Glass
  • Mirrrors
  • Cork
  • Aluminum composite board (ACM)
  • Metals
  • Perspex
  • Scrim Reinforced Banner Vinyl
  • Expanded PVC
  • Forex & Foamed PVC
  • Foils & Films
  • Adhesives & Vinyls
  • Car & vehicle Graphics
  • We have printed more exotic materials like rubber, latex, leather but best call us first for advice.

See some of our work

Benefits of our large format printing services


Any imaginable project is easy to achieve using media or objects of any size – up to 50.8mm thick and as large as 1.25m x 2.5m. The third-generation UV curing system ensures impressive results with even the thinnest, most heat-sensitive media.

Fast & Accurate

Using the latest active pixel placement compensation software, our machinery delivers accurate and high-quality results across the whole table, at an impressive 26m² per hour.

Extreme Quality

6 channel VariaDot™ imaging technology for superb quality. Hi-Definition modes can result in near-photographic results, with sharpness only seen at resolutions of 1,440 dpi or higher. Text as small as 2 pt. is perfectly legible when these modes are used.

Impressive Inks

Special Inks available for any application, and varnish and white ink can be used for decorative and creative applications. Inks can also be layered to make your project really pop.

We are pioneers and specialists of


Frequently Asked Questions

Do you install the large format prints?

Yes! We have an experienced team for a hassle free professional installation so you can rest easy.

Are you able to advise me on what will best suit my business?

Of course! Once we have information from you about what you would like to achieve and your desired outcome, we can then offer more ideas or solutions to suit your needs.

Who uses Classic Colour Copying’s Large Format Printing services?

Our Large format printing services are used by a variety of industries in Melbourne. They’re a great size for announcing upcoming events, and are often used to advertise clothing lines or brands . Large format prints can be used to promote a product, service, business, event or absolutely anything you wish.

How big can Classic Colour Copying print?

As wide as 2200mm and as long as you would like! For more width – prints are be tiled together to make gigantic prints.

Are you looking for Large Format Printing in Melbourne?

Classic Colour Copying is Melbourne’s number 1 choice for digital & sign printing, operating from the CBD with more than 30 years experience.