Sticker Printing Services In Melbourne

Custom Sticker Designs For Enhancing Your Brand

Looking for an alternative way to improve your branding? Classic Colour provides customised sticker printing services, allowing you to create a unique sticker design for a variety of applications.

Add your logo, business name or customised imagery to your sticker design with ease. When you are looking to meet particular project specifications, our sticker printing capabilities will assist you in creating the visual edge you are seeking for your products, services, events or personal projects.

We specialise in custom sticker printing solutions, and with over 30 years of experience in the industry, we are the perfect choice for top-quality, premium sticker printing services in Melbourne. We work with a broad variety of industries, and we are confident that we can assist you with your sticker design project, no matter the scope or the size of the project. Whether your speciality is construction, film & TV, retail, event planning, or the restaurant/hospitality sector we’ve got a design to suit you.

Choosing The Right Finish For Your Sticker

We offer customised solutions when it comes to the design and finish of your stickers, so that your final design has the right finish to suit your needs. There are multiple options in terms of colouring.

Whether you are looking for a clear colour design, partially translucent or full colour, we can design your sticker so that it can be best placed directly on your packaging or individual products and remain visible.

Are you unsure of which sticker design is best suited to your project? Contact our team at Classic Colour today or visit our Melbourne-based store and we can talk you through the process of selecting the right sticker design and finish for your project.


Uncoated Sticker

Use this if you want a more matte looking finish on your label. The media is:

  • Paper Based
  • Permanent Adhesive
  • Uncoated paper for a more matte look
  • Affordable to print on in large quantities
  • Great for line work and text heavy labels

Gloss Label

Use this if you want a more glossy look on your label. The media is:

• Paper Based
• Permanent Adhesive
• Gloss coated paper
• Has better colour reproduction
• Affordable for large quantities

Synthetic Label

Use this if you want a tougher, more robust label that looks great in all situations. The media is:

• Clear or opaque finish
• Permanent adhesive
• Semi gloss in appearance
• Has awesome colour reproduction
• More tear resistance and comes off easier

We Can Print & Cut Any Shape Sticker You Need

We have a wide range of precut shaped stickers that can be used for your project. These are laid out to a larger sheet, making them easy and fast to peel off. We have over 100 precut shapes you can use, and these include circles, squares, rectangles, and ovals. Custom sizes and shapes can also be cut with ease, and odd shapes are no problem.

Pre Cut Sticker Sheets

These come in a wide range of sizes, and generally come on an A4 sheet. We have over 100 different sizes and shapes available for you to use.

Benefits of using pre cuts stickers:

  • low cost, with many items to a sheet
  • come in a range of common sizes
  • easy to peel
  • come in a matte or gloss finish and are paper-based

  • over 100 shapes and sizes to choose from
  • we can custom make large batches to most sizes (5000 or more sheets)

Custom Shape And Size Stickers

If you need an odd, small or unusual shape, we can make these hassle free. No minimum order is required, and they are fast and affordable to do. This process allows a lot more flexibility with size, shape and media type.

Benefits of using custom shaped stickers include:

  • they can be made from any size, from tiny to very large
  • they can be made out of clear, matte, gloss or synthetic medias
  • they kiss cut onto a large sheet and are easy to peel 

  • sets of stickers can be made on the same sheet 

  • any shape is possible

Cover Up & Patch Stickers

There is nothing worse than discovering a typo or error on your newly printed bottle, label, book or brochure print job. At Classic Colour Copying we offer what we call “Cover Up” or “Patch” stickers that perfectly cover any error. Their small size means they are discrete, cut to the exact size needed and are very cost effective to produce. The stickers can be millimeters high and wide, so you can make the correction as small and innocuous as possible.

Cover Up and Patch Stickers are great for:

  • covering up mistakes on books
  • covering up errors on packaging
  • patching over barcodes and codes
  • updating prices on brochures
  • correcting labels quickly
  • correcting items while waiting for new batches to arrive.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How quick can I get my custom stickers printed?

In as few as 1 business days, contact us early!  We are open from 8am.

Why use Classic Colour Copying's sticker printing service?

When it comes to high-quality sticker printing in Melbourne, there’s no better option than Classic Colour Copying. We are committed to fulfilling your practical and promotional needs, no matter how big or small. Our expert team is on hand to discuss your requirements and answer any questions that you might have about prices, sizes, turnaround rates, and more.

What are the advantages of using printed stickers?

The benefits of using printed stickers for promotions or advertising are endless. They are colourful, eye catching and can be used to convey important pieces of information or product features. With a bright, attractive sticker, you can break up branded designs and make sure that shoppers recognise your logo and products.

How much do Classic Colour Copying's stickers cost?

The price of our stickers depends on the size, shape, and finish you choose. Our customers have found our prices very competitive especially when combined with the speed, flexibility and selection we can offer. To get an accurate and quick quote, fill out our form below.

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