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Melbourne is a lively and bustling city with multitudes of exhibitions, markets & Trade shows on at any given time. Exhibitions and Trade Shows, whether they be focused on the arts, retail, food, leisure activities, niche hobbies or something else, tend to be quite successful in reaching their target market. That being said, the likelihood of success is much greater if you have the right advertising and promotional materials to complement your display. Classic Colour can assist with our exhibition signage solutions.

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We have the experience and knowledge needed for your art exhibition signage and displays.

Fast Exhibitions & Display printing

If you are seeking exhibition signage or any other sort of market display in Melbourne or surrounding areas, you have come to the right place. Classic Colour Copying is highly regarded in Melbourne for designing and printing bespoke exhibition signs and displays.

We do everything in our power to provide our customers with exactly what they are looking for, at prices they can afford. Simply call us and explain what sort of sign you would like, and we will help develop an appropriate solution for you.

Professional artwork labels & information panels

At Classic Colour Copying we can produce a range of professional artwork labels and information panels to accompany your artwork. The labels can be made from a variety of durable materials that look great when installed & stand up to the public viewing. Most importantly we can produce these quickly and accurately and a variety of finishes & options such as;

  • Printed onto 2 or 3mm thick card or plastic based medias
  • Laminated medias for added durability and ease of care
  • Produced in all sizes & quantities ( small amounts no issue)
  • Printed onto wood, metal or other more interesting & exotic medias.
  • Cut to a shape or made to a more unique kind of label ( hanging L shape)
  • Printed onto black medias with white ink for added interest.

Exhibition Customisation Options

Our exhibition signage is available in all sorts of styles, sizes, colour schemes, etc. Whether you would like a large or small display, minimalistic or extravagant in appearance, Classic Colour Copying is sure to have something for you. We offer the following customisation options for our exhibition signage:

  • Lighting– Perhaps a lit sign maybe just what you need? This is no problem, and with LED lighting opening up more possibilities a backlit sign is easier than ever
  • Colour– If you would like to exactly match the colour scheme of your business, print in full colour, only use partial colour, or utilise a unique colour combination across all of your display materials, we can create exhibition signage in the hues you want.
  • Material– Are you after a light and flexible display option such as vinyl? Would you like a harder and more durable plastic that cannot be folded or bent? Would you like flexible stickers or adhesives for your exhibition? Our range of material options allows for the personalisation you need.
  • Size– How large of a space you need to cover will affect which sort of exhibition signage is best for your situation. Whether you only have one small booth to work with or you have an entire room to exhibit in, we can design a display that is as large or small as you want.

Is Exhibition Signage A Good Investment?

We’ll put it this way– a retailer with bad (or no) advertising material is destined to have their business suffer, even if their products are great. How can anyone discover how good they are if they don’t have the promotional goods to show them off and inform potential customers?

The same is true for any exhibition presenter or stallholder. If you are featuring your products or services at an exhibition, you are already at an advantage given the amount of foot traffic Melbourne markets and shows can bring. However, you will miss out if you do not have signage that sets yourself apart from other businesses and presenters. To take advantage of the opportunities available through exhibition marketing, a proper display is crucial.

Low-Cost Exhibition Signage Printing

Our lowest exhibition signage start at the smallest sizes and go up from there. But the cost specifics fluctuate depending on the type of material you want to print on amount of exhibition signage you are printing, etc. Generally, the greater the amount of signage you purchase, the lower each individual signage price will be.

Either way, we strive to maintain competitive, budget-friendly rates to keep our canvas accessible to all. For a specific quote catered to your order, reach out to our friendly and helpful printing team. They will be happy to provide you with a rough estimate for the cost of your signage.

Made-to-Order Printing Options

At Classic Colour Copying, we have several types of material available to your artwork on. It’s all up to you and your needs and preferences! We can also print your artwork in bulk if you need a large amount for distribution purposes.

If you are a Melbourne-based retailer, event organise, venue owner or artist and would like prints of your work, products or upcoming occasions, we can supply signage & art prints specifically suited to your situation.

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