Flyer Printing in Melbourne

About our Flyers

Flyers are like small, hand-held posters. They are great for leaving on tables that get a lot of traffic, as they can easily grab attention and be picked up by passersby. They are also easy marketing material at festivals and other events where they can be passed out to large crowds. Get in touch with our team at Classic Colour Copying today to learn more about our flyer printing services and how we can help you in printing easy-to-read material for your business.

Characteristics of Flyers

It's important to note that unlike pamphlets, flyers are not folded. They are often only printed on one side, although we have options to print on both if you wish. Flyers can be printed on either matte or glossy paper and can include extra detailing if you wish.

Full-Colour Printing

Our flyers come in a full range of colour options. They can printed in full-colour, partial colour or black and white depending on your budget and preferences. All of our products are digitally printed using the latest technology to ensure vibrancy and a highly detailed finish. If designing a brochure or other item with separate pages, we can use different colours on each page or have some pages (like the cover) colour and the rest black and white.

Flyer finishes & options available

  • Folding to all common sizes
  • Gate folds & scores
  • Custom sizes
  • Recycled, gloss or uncoated stocks
  • Full Colour or Black only, cheap bulk run flyers can be done
  • Low cost flyers are easily made
  • Printing onto coloured stocks

Pre-Made Templates

If you are unsure what sort of layout to use for your pamphlet, flyer or brochure, take advantage of the selection of printing templates we have available on our website. All of them can be downloaded for you to customise. Additionally, feel free to call our printing experts for advice on what sort of layout is most appropriate for your project.

How flyers can help your business

Printed flyers are a highly effective and cost-efficient way to promote your business. They are versatile, easy to distribute, and can be customized to fit your unique marketing message. Flyers can be used to showcase new products or services, upcoming events, special promotions, and much more. They provide a tangible way for potential customers to learn about your business and can be used in a variety of settings, such as trade shows, local events, and door-to-door marketing. Additionally, flyers can be targeted to specific demographics, making them a powerful tool for reaching your ideal customers. By using printed flyers, you can increase brand recognition, drive traffic to your website, and ultimately increase sales and revenue for your business.

We are affordable and fast!

Looking for flyer printing services in Melbourne?

When you place an order with Classic Colour Copying, you are guaranteed competitive prices and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our prices will vary depending on the quality of card you choose and embellishments you add. Feel free to contact our experienced staff at 03 9349 1199 for a free quote on your custom business cards!

In addition to your fair rates, we promise efficient turnaround so that you can receive your custom flyer as soon as possible and start seeing your business thrive! We can provide you with business flyer prints for one-off events that you are participating in, such as markets, shows, special functions or expos.

Business Printers

If you are interested in establishing an ongoing relationship with us where you order flyers as needed, we are happy to set that up as well. So contact us today to discuss your options and place your order for customised flyers in Melbourne!