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Teardrop banners, otherwise known as flag banners, are stand-alone signs that can be propped up in stands or inserted into holes in the ground. They are a popular variety of promotional banners for shops, restaurants and other businesses. Popular shapes include teardrop, feather & bali flag banners. We offer custom teardrop banner design and printing services for personal or commercial use. Using the latest printing technology, we are able to print your banners with different shapes, sizes and styles suited to your preferences and needs. Our in-house printing experts ensure a high-quality finish with quick turnaround times. Delivery and installation for your teardrop banners is available in the Melbourne area.

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How can I use Teardrop Banners?

Teardrop banners are beneficial for a variety of purposes, both within corporate or retail settings as well as certain personal activities. The most common uses of teardrop banners include:

  • Exhibiting at a market or trade show
  • Promoting a retail sale or opening
  • Highlighting food or drink products available at your cafe or restaurant
  • Displaying information at an educational institution or medical facility
  • Marketing an open house, auction, home for sale/rent, etc.
  • Advertising at a festival
  • Trying to get the attention of drivers by (if you own a road-front business)

Teardrop banners can be effective across all sorts of industries and settings. From automotive repair shops, dealers to schools and food service establishments, there’s no field that won’t benefit from custom-printed teardrop banners.

Flag Banner Stand Options and Accessories

Cross Base

Great for setting your banner up in flat ground indoor areas.

Car Base

Made to go under a car tyre, perfect for auctions and outdoor events.

Water Base

Made to go over the cross base to provide extra stability in outdoor settings. Just add water to it!

Ground Spike

Mainly used on grass surfaces in outdoor settings, keeping the flag firmly in the ground for greater stability.


A permanent option, which allows the flag to be mounted to a wall.

Heavy Base

Heavy propeller shaped base that ensures extra stability for flags in windy environments.

Common Flag Styles and Shapes

Bali Flag Style

Teardrop Flag Style

Bali Flag Style

Benefits of Teardrop Banners

This type of sign is one of our most well-loved outdoor promotion materials, as it has certain advantages for this sort of use. Here are just some of the reasons why these flag banners are so beneficial for both personal and commercial use:

  • Teardrop banners are vibrant. Our made-to-order teardrop banners come in either full-colour or partial. The signs are digitally printed using the best colour printing technology to ensure a clear finish no matter what sort of text or graphics you are using.
  • They stand out from the rest. While customers are used to seeing common rectangular hanging banners, teardrop banners offer an alternative design to catch attention given their unique shape and the presentation.
  • They are light and easy to assemble. Teardrop banners and stands are light-weight, allowing them to be easily picked up, assembled quickly, moved with ease, and disassembled with minimal effort. Perfect for transient business environments such as pop-up shops and exhibitions.
  • They come in different shapes and sizes. We offer teardrop banners which come in tall, short and standard varieties. Although the common shape for these signs is a semi-oval (or teardrop), we can also make them in rectangular & feather shapes.

If you are seeking a light, affordable, bright and eye-catching banner for your business, hobby or personal use, a teardrop sign might be the right display banner option for you. To learn more about the benefits that teardrop banners can provide, contact our helpful team today.

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