Business Card Printing in Melbourne

Looking for custom business cards?

Make business cards that stand out with Classic Colour Copying.

Whether it’s a gold embossed card, a spot UV or foil card, we have a huge number of options, finishes and styles to suit all budgets & tastes. We have been making business cards for the last 30 years, and can print whatever type of business card you’re looking for.

We can print anywhere from a hundred to a few thousand cards a day. With no minimum order the options are endless, but don’t worry, we are here to help!

Check out some examples of business card types we print below. With over 30 years experience in the printing business we truly can print whatever type of business cards you need.

Cool Die Cut Business Cards

Want to really stand out, but don’t want to totally break the bank? Well a die cut business card might be just the ticket.

With this technology you may want to:

  • Cut a unique shape or monogram into a business card
  • Make it fold to a unique shape by way of folding and cutting
  • Add a notch, fancy corner of edge shape to your card
  • Small batch quantities welcomed!

Embossed or Foiled Cards

Traditional embossed or business cards are still very popular, despite the abundance of new embellishment technology. Your card can be stamped with a gold, silver or any colour foil you would like. The foil is highly reflective and gives a look like nothing else can.

Flat or Raised UV Spot embellishment

This has the effect of deepening the color & adding a different sheen value making it very customisable. All UV spots have be added to a laminated surface. You can;

  • Add a UV spot to make the underlying color richer
  • Add a Raised UV spot to add a texture
  • Add a Raised UV spot to add a third dimension to a 2D surface.

Raised Metal Effect - For a Spectacular 3D effect

Rose Gold | Copper | Red | Blue | Green | Holographic Gold or Silver |  Gold & Silver

Silver, Gold & White Ink Cards

Special inks & processes we offer are:

  • Gold metallic dry ink and Raised Ultra Gold Metal effects
  • Silver metallic dry ink and Raised Silver Gold Metal effects
  • Clear dry ink varnish and Raised Clear Spot varnish
  • White Inks

Small quantities are no problem in most cases – 50, 100, 250!

Call and talk to us today so we can talk you through your idea.

Recycled Business Cards

We offer environmentally friendly business cards. Digitally Printed onto a Kraft or Ecostar paper, these cards give you the recycled look. Our two main paper types;

  • Ecostar 350gsm Stock – 100% Post consumer recycled stock with a great feel and look. Easy to predict colour as its a bright white stock.
  • Buffalo or Kraft stock. This stock has a distinct look and feel to to it. The brown colour makes colour hard to predict but when dark colours are used the results can be spectacular.
  • Other stocks – we have a range of other recycled stocks to suit your needs.

Rounded Corner Business Cards

Sometimes the simple effects are the best! Round Cornering cards are no problem and the process is quick, economical and looks great.

We can do the following corner effects

  • Small, medium and large radius circle corners
  • 45° degree Bevel cuts
  • Custom corner die cut
  • Notching and edge effects
  • Hole drilling and patterns

Small quantities are no problem in most cases – 50, 100, 250!

Benefits of personalised business cards

Although business cards have an array of benefits for companies of all types, we believe these are some of their best qualities:

  • Business cards are a convenient way to communicate your services to potential customers.
  • They provide clear and quick contact information.
  • They are an extension of your company’s brand.
  • Business cards are light and highly portable.
  • Most importantly, they remind customers and clients that your business exists long after they ever meet you in person.

That’s why it’s so important to design cards that communicate your Melbourne business’ unique style, tone and branding. Consistency in your company colour scheme, logo and taglines across all platforms (including your website, social media channels and, of course, business cards) will help you maintain professionality and clout.

Here at Classic Colour Copying, we provide several types of business cards for both independent merchants as well as companies of any size.

All of our business cards are customisable to suit your needs and preferences. They can be printed on one or two sides and personalised with a variety of features. We use the latest technology to create our bespoke business cards for professionals all over Melbourne and surrounding areas.

We are affordable and fast!

Looking for business card printing services in Melbourne? When you place an order with Classic Colour Copying, you are guaranteed competitive prices and a commitment to customer satisfaction. Our prices will vary depending on the quality of card you choose and embellishments you add. Feel free to contact our experienced staff at 03 9349 1199 for a free quote on your custom business cards!

In addition to your fair rates, we promise efficient turnaround so that you can receive your custom cards as soon as possible and start seeing your business thrive! We can provide you with cards for one-off events that you are participating in, such as markets, shows, special functions or expos.

If you are interested in establishing an ongoing relationship with us where you order cards as needed, we are happy to set that up as well. So contact us today to discuss your options and place your order for customised business cards in Melbourne!

What kind of custom business cards can you order?

As a printer with over 30 years experience we offer a huge range of custom options for your cards. Please use the form below to get in touch for a quote or to discuss your project!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the difference between embossed and debossed business cards?

Embossed business cards are when you raise a pattern or logo to create a 3D effect.

On the other hand debossing is the process of creating an indent in the business card which achieves a depressed effect. We can fill the debossed area in with ink or foil stamping, or leave it untouched.

What is the difference between Spot UV and Foil Stamped Business Cards?

Both spot UV and foil stamping are great if you would like to highlight certain patterns or words on your card.

Spot UV is where chosen areas of your card are covered with a gloss coating which creates a slightly raised effect allowing these areas to stand out in comparison to the rest of the non-glossy business card.

Whereas foil stamping involves applying a metallic layer of foil on the top of your card design on specific areas you desire. Classic Colour Copying offers a wide range of foil colours to suit your needs.

What should I put on my Business Card?

To help you stand out from the rest it is important that your business card contains both an eye catching design and the right amount of information. Here’s some tips on what to put on your business card:

  • Logo
  • Contact Info (email address & phone number)
  • Name & Job Title
  • Website
  • Social Media Profiles
  • Creative design
What Business Cards sizes do you offer?

While the standard business card size is 90mm x 55 mm, we offer a range of sizes including personalised and custom sized business cards.

Are your business cards environmentally friendly?

All our stocks have a FSC certification & have been produced in a responsible way, so you can feel great about your card.

We also offer recycled business cards printed on Ecostar or Buffalor/Kraft stock.