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Whether you own a retail store, host workshops, lead educational retreats, engage in community events or something else, pamphlets, flyers or brochures can be a great way to market your goods and services. They are easy to design and distribute, and they can be printed in a hurry for urgent orders. Classic Colour Copying is able to provide pamphlets, flyers and brochures in as large or small of a quantity as you’d like.

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Brochures & Booklets

Brochures are slightly similar to pamphlets, except usually bigger in size and the amount of information they contain. Because brochures tend to be more expensive than pamphlets and flyers, they are not as ideal for general marketing material, but they are great for prior retail customers, event attendees, and other groups who have already committed to a purchase. Characteristics of Brochures: They can be unbound and made of double-sided, folded paper, or bound like a booklet using staples, stitching, etc.

Some common uses for brochures include the following:

  • Product Descriptions
  • Advertising your business
  • Promotional purposes
  • Product advertisements
  • Instruction Manuals
  • Product catalogue
  • Festival or Function Schedules
  • Academic or Professional Workbooks
  • Vacation Marketing Material
  • Travel information
  • Visitor maps and handouts

Some common uses for Booklets include the following

  • Thesis’s & small edition books
  • Paperback books
  • Sales & product Catalogs
  • Programmes
  • Student booklet making
  • Journals and papers
  • Workbooks
  • Professional tenders and presentations
  • Workshop information
  • Study materials and notes
  • Course information

Booklet Finishes & options Available

We offer a number of cover finishes for booklets, this includes

  • Thicker covers
  • Hard card covers
  • Matte & Gloss Laminated covers
  • Die or shape cut covers
  • Perfect bound, wire bound or coil bound
  • Custom sized book printing
  • Uneven size book covers
  • Inserts of different paper and sizes
  • Printing on your own stock ( if suitable)


Pamphlets are a great way to compile a lot of information into a small amount of space. They are an unbound, folded paper product typically used to display information about one specific topic. They are often stocked in pamphlet holders and left in public spaces for people to pick up as they pass.

Characteristics of Pamphlets: They are thin and light, allowing them to be stored and distributed easily. Pamphlets also have aesthetic appeal, given their multi-sectioned layout and tall, narrow shape. Because they are folded, they should always be printed on both sides.

Some common uses for pamphlets include the following:
  • Takeaway Restaurant Menus
  • Salon/Spa Services
  • Gym Membership Information
  • Health Education Material
  • Visitor Maps
  • Exhibition information
Pamphlet finishes & options available
  • Folding to all common sizes
  • Custom sizes
  • Recycled, gloss or uncoated stocks
  • Full Colour or Black only
  • Printing onto coloured stocks
  • Bulk print runs for extremely cheap and low cost pamphlet
  • Short run digital prints for small trial runs

Full-Colour Printing

Out pamphlets, flyers and brochures come in a full range of colour options. They can printed in full-colour, partial colour or black and white depending on your budget and preferences. All of our products are digitally printed using the latest technology to ensure vibrancy and a highly detailed finish. If designing a brochure or other item with separate pages, we can use different colours on each page or have some pages (like the cover) colour and the rest black and white.

Pre-Made Templates

If you are unsure what sort of layout to use for your pamphlet, flyer or brochure, take advantage of the selection of printing templates we have available on our website. All of them can be downloaded for you to customise. Additionally, feel free to call our printing experts for advice on what sort of layout is most appropriate for your project.

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