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Do you have negatives that you want to get scanned and digitised?

Do you have negatives that you want to get scanned and digitised?

Whether you’re a photographer looking for high resolution film scanning, or simply have a cache of family treasures trapped in the film world, we can help! We have great quality scanning equipment at our location in Melbourne, and would love to assist you for your scanning needs. We offer a variety of scanning sizes, and would love to have a chat with you about your scanning needs.


About our Negative Film Scanner

For high quality film scanning, look no further than our Imacon Flextight scanner. Recognised as a world leader among high end scanners, the Imacon’s scanning quality means your negatives will have far greater detail than a typical scanner can achieve. It’s ability to capture outstanding sharpness, colour depth and colour accuracy is second to none.

Film & Negatives Scanning

The Imacon is suitable for 35mm, medium and large format film. We have the film holders for;

  • 4 x 5″ Film
  • 35mm Film
  • 57 x 171mm Film ( 120 film) – Medium format
  • 57 x 70mm film
  • It can also scan up to ultra high res A4 

Digital File Format 

Your scans will be provided as 16Bit TIFF Files and saved in the Adobe RGB colour space. The Imacon also adds database information plus a full history of output settings. This means you can optimise your images for multiple styles of output, without having to make changes to the original, highest quality scan.

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Imacon Drum Scanning 

A part of what makes the Imacon such high quality, is the unique virtual drum scanning technique that it employs. 

Traditional drum scanning, would require film to be taped or attached to a drum with mounting fluid to a cylindrical drum that would physically spin the image at super high rotations using a photomultiplier tube (PMT) as the image sensor. 

In 2004, renowned Swedish medium format camera, photographic equipment and image scanners Hasselblad acquired Imacon, and their Flextight Scanners. 

The advantage of this type of virtual drum scanning is that there are no liquids or mounting fluids involved, meaning there is no risk of damaging precious negatives. The Imacon Flextight “virtual drum scanner” has similar characteristics, but without those risks. 

Post Scanning Solutions

As specialist printers, we also offer an absolutely enormous range of printing options for your slides and negative films, should you wish to print out some of your images. Our scanning services are very affordable, and so are our printing options. 

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With over 30 years experience in the printing industry, we truly have a wealth of knowledge to assist you. Our printers, scanners and staff are all based in Melbourne, and we can offer your personalised service and a fast turnaround on work.

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