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Vinyl Banner Sign Printing In Melbourne CBD

If you own a business in Melbourne or are hosting an event that requires outdoor signs or banners, Classic Colour Copying is the place to turn. Vinyl banners are economical & fast to produce and they hold up well to weather. They are also easy to roll up and store or transport. The can be fitted with simple eyelets for easy of hanging or fitted with a sail track or other fasting system which holds it secure and taught. We can provide a vast array of signs in all sizes and materials, colours and styles. One of our most popular options for outdoor signs is vinyl banners, both for the range of situations that it suits and the longevity that it tends to exhibit. Vinyl is appropriate for a variety of customer needs, and one of our many colour printing specialties.

Vinyl Signs & Banners Finishing Options

Vinyl signs, banners can me finished in a number of ways. All options have their own pros and cons and are chosen in conjunction with how you wan the final banner to look, the anchor points available and the environment it is in. Below is a brief guide to popular options.

Benefits of Vinyl Signs & Banners

Vinyl signs, banners and posters are a great option for Melbourne-based business or event managers seeking maximum flexibility (literally and figuratively). They can also provide benefit for personal use, whether you are hosting a large/public gathering, trade show signage or building & fence hoarding

Vinyl Banners & signs have many of benefits, such as:

  • Foldable/Portable: If you need to store your vinyl sign but have little space, it can be folded or rolled up nicely to stay out of the way
  • Lightweight: Can be moved easily, as they tend to be lightweight
  • Water-Resistant: Vinyl holds up well to the elements and will not get stained or damaged by rain
  • Easy to transport: As you can roll & fold Vinyl banners they are super easy to courier and transport
  • Tear-Resistant: Certain Vinyl is very hard to rip
  • Durable: Our outdoor vinyl signs hold up to weather as well as general wear and tear
  • Inexpensive: Compared to other large signs, vinyl posters and banners are one of the most cost-effective options
  • Recyclable/Ideal for Reprocessing: Vinyl can be repurposed into a variety of other goods, making it an eco-friendly material option.

As you can see, vinyl is a beneficial substance for a variety of products, but especially large-format signs. If you need a large sign printed quickly but your funds or time are limited, Classic Colour Copying is the printing company for you. Big or small, complex or simple, or vinyl signs can’t be beat. Call us today to enquire!

Hems & Eyelets

Hems and Eyelets are the simplest way to finish your banner. Hems reinforce the edge & eyelets provide a more robust anchor point. Hemming can be sewn or use special banner reinforcing tape.

Hems & D Rings

Hems and D Rings are the another way to finish your banner. Hems reinforce the edge & D Rings provide a more robust flexible anchor point. Simply tie with rope.

Kedar & Sail Track

Kedar and Sail Track provides a locking join around the perimeter of the banner. The anchor track is screwed to a wall and the banner interlocks with the anchor proving a professional solution to for a more permanent banners.

Sewn in Rope Tails

Sewn in Rope provides a more robust mounting solution to vinyl banners. As the rope is sewn in, there is no fussing around with knots and joins. The rope grips the whole banner, it makes a stronger anchor.

Wind Slits

Wind slits are used to subdue in effect of wind on banners. As banners can be big, they can act as a sail, so the C shaped slits help the wind flow through the banner and mitigating its effects.

Pole Pockets

Pole pockets are used to provide a home for poles that anchor a banner. These make mounting the banner easy and provide a strong anchor point for banners. Chain can be slid through as well to provide tension.

Are you looking for Vinyl Signs in Melbourne?

Classic Colour Copying is Melbourne’s number 1 choice for digital & sign printing, operating from the CBD with more than 30 years experience.

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Are you looking for Vinyl Signs in Melbourne? Classic Colour Copying is Melbourne’s number 1 choice for digital & sign printing, operating from the CBD with more than 30 years experience. With delivery available across Melbourne, it’s an obvious choice. Call us now on (03) 9349 1199 to place your order, or you can fill out our contact form if you would like some more information.

A Range of Options for Any Occasion

Our printed vinyl signs can be used once or multiple times. They come in a variety of thicknesses depending on how sturdy you want your vinyl sign to be. Signs can be printed horizontally or vertically, and made either to hang or to place in a stand. They are a great way to establish company branding and capture customer attention.

Banner and Vinyl Signs in Melbourne CBD

Whether you need a lively sign to use once for a Melbourne market or would like to keep it up long-term at your cafe or business, we can provide what you are seeking for an affordable rate. Get in touch with one of our friendly team members today at (03) 9349 1199 to learn more about our large-format sign printing!

High-Quality Vinyl Sign Printing

At Classic Colour Copying, we employ the latest laser technology to digitally print all of our text and images onto our vinyl banners and signs. We can print in full colour with Outdoor grade inks. For affordable and reliable printing services in Melbourne, we are the team to be trusted.

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