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As humans, we’re drawn to things that are visually stimulating, and a pull up banner is just that: A very visual tool for describing a product, service or business in a very clear and enticing way.

Because of this, pull up banners are a fantastic way to help your business draw the eye of prospective customers, and stand out from your competitors. Whether you are a business owner, a stall holder at an exhibition, or if you’re just searching for another way that your business can really stand out from the crowd, a pull up banner is just the thing that you need.

Pop up banners demonstrate to your customers or your desired audience that you’ve taken the time to ensure that your product is displayed in a highly visual and well-presented manner.

When creating a pull up banner for your business, you can provide us with the artwork and we will advise and assist you in terms of design. We offer sizing from 600mm to 3-meters wide.

Why use a Pull Up Banner?

We print a lot of Pull Up Banners at Classic Colour Copying, so why choose a Pull Up Banner over other display systems and types? Pull Up Banners are:

  • Easy to transport – Pull Up Banners are self contained in 1 bag generally & perfect for plane, car or walking to your event. Light & compact – Pull Up Banners relative lightness and compact nature means almost anyone can walk with them and they are easy to mail.
  • Quick & Foolproof Setup
  • – Pull Up Banners are so easy to setup & there is little to go wrong. They are quick and look great if you only have 5 minutes to setup
  • Size & Flexibility – Pull Up Banners come in a range of handy and impressive sizes. They can be used in a varity of locations and are just and handy item for businesses to have on hand for impromptu displays
  • Affordability – Pull Up Banners come with a range of warranties, features and hardware, all at different price points from budget to premium, so you can pick the best Pull Up Banner for your application.

Some of banner the sizes we offer include:

  • 850mm – 1200mm wide by 2020mm high
  • 850mm – 1200mm wide by 2150mm high
  • We have vast experience in creating pull-up banners, and our friendly, approachable and professional staff are only too happy to provide you with expert advice and ensure that your needs are effectively translated onto the finished product. Our ultimate goal is to achieve a result that exceeds expectations, so we work with you throughout the printing process and are available to answer any questions you may have.

    We only use quality inks and materials for our pull up banners, so you can be assured that your products are made to last. While our products are affordable, that does not mean we are lowering our quality standards, and we work hard to ensure that our pull up banners for your business are going to perform beyond your expectations. This is why Classic Colour are the first port of call for outstanding pull-up banners in Melbourne.

    Premium Rollaway Premium Template 850mm

Are you looking for Pull Up Banners in Melbourne?

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Frequently Asked Questions

What size is a pull up banner?

The standard dimensions for pull-up banners are around 850mm wide by 2000mm high, which is an ideal size for transportation and storage. At Classic Colour we offer sizing from 850mm to 1.2m metres wide, by up to 2150mm high depending on your graphic needs.

What are the benefits of a pull up banner?

One of the greatest benefits of pull-up banners is their portability, making them easy to transport. The recoil system allows you to easily set-up the stand, take it down and carry it. Pull up banners are also a great way to market your products or services at a reasonable price. The most effective brand displays are those set-up at eye level, and with a pull-up banner you can achieve just that!

Can I use a pull up banner stand outdoors?

No, they are only really for indoor use. Wind and debris are your main two outdoor concerns, that will either damage your stand, blow it down or foul the recoil mechanism. However we do have a range of more outdoor displays, such as flags, banners that are far more suitable and highly effective when displaying your products or services at an outdoor marketplace. We can help you pick something that’s right for you.

What do you put on pull up banners?

When determining your graphics and where to put them on your banner, start by placing your company logo and most important message at the top. Your important message may be a promotional slogan or a product image. Make sure to use high-quality images, a decent font size and colour to complement your design. Text should also be simple and to the point to catch the attention of people from a distance or as they walk by.

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