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The vast majority of businesses end up requiring the use of high-quality printed labels at some point. Whether it be as an addition to branded packaging, as decoration for shop windows and floors, or as a promotional feature on new products; the influential power of a great label should never be underestimated.

If you find yourself needing some professional printing, Classic Colour is the perfect place for premium label printing in Melbourne. We produce attractive and affordable labels to suit a wide variety of printing needs. From the smallest of embellishments, to the largest promotional images, you can trust us to create a perfect fit for your next printing project.

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Cover up & Patch labels

Made a mistake in a large print job? No problem, we can make patch a coverup label to suit any job and get you out of tough spot. These patch labels are made right here on site in Melbourne and can be made to cover any text errors. The cover up labels can be made to practically any size and have the following benefits:

• They can be made to almost any size ( 5mm x 5mm) and smaller

• They can be easily be made in sets to cover multiple errors

• They can be made in very small runs, meaning you can update small amounts of existing print work with ease!

• The patches are a solution for cost saving as it means you don’t have to throw out what you have printed and repeat jobs.

• They are fast, cheap to make and easy to apply.

Choosing the right label type

The best reason to choose Classic Colour Copying is our flexibility and commitment to quality. There are no restrictions on size or quantity when ordering our printed labels, but every single order delivers the same guarantee of excellence. Our standard pre-slit stickers come in a range of shapes and sizes. They can be produced in a full colour or partially translucent design, so that they can be placed directly onto products or packaging.

Not sure what label style you need for your scenario? Get in contact with us today or come view our Melbourne-based store and we’ll assist you in choosing the right label design and finish.

Uncoated Label

Use this if you want a more matte looking finish on your label. The media is:

  • Paper Based
  • Permanent Adhesive
  • Uncoated paper for a more matte look
  • Affordable to print on in large quantities
  • Great for line work and text heavy labels

Gloss Label

Use this if you want a more glossy look on your label. The media is:

• Paper Based
• Permanent Adhesive
• Gloss coated paper
• Has better colour reproduction
• Affordable for large quantities

Synthetic Label

Use this if you want a tougher, more robust label that looks great in all situations. The media is:

• Clear or opaque finish
• Permanent adhesive
• Semi gloss in appearance
• Has awesome colour reproduction
• More tear resistance and comes off easier

A broad range of label options

At Classic Colour Copying, we understand that variety is essential for modern businesses, which is why our printed labels come in a broad array of shapes and sizes. Our smallest labels are suitable for use directly on products and packaging materials, and with a range of styles and sizes, you’re sure to find the perfect fit for your product. They are an ideal form of promotion, because they can be applied to these items in a way that is non-intrusive and appealing to the eye. If you are looking for more extensive label printing in Melbourne, we can help you with that too. Our largest labels are designed for commercial and retail applications, and can be manufactured to fit shop windows, walls, and floors. No matter what size label you need, we promise to deliver full vibrant colours, premium printing, and a speedy turnaround. To find out more, get in touch with our expert team today and see what we can do for you.

Why Choose Classic Colour?

Classic Colour Copying is the best choice for high-quality printed labels in Melbourne, because we always put our customers first. Our job is to enhance your products, and we achieve this by providing full colour images and designs. With the support of our dedicated team, converting your ideas into visually striking labels is simple. Speak to the team at Classic Colour today and find out how we can assist you in your printing needs.

The Benefits of Printed Labels

With high-quality label printing, standing out from the crowd is easy. As a promotional tool, printed labels are very effective. They break up branded designs while creating interest and an extra dimension to packaging. If you want to draw the eye to a specific detail or piece of information, a label is a targeted and direct way to do it.

Alternatively, printed labels are a great way to incorporate information that isn’t a part of your branding. They can be used to provide nutritional details, give instructions to the recipients of packages, and offer advice on handling and storage. For practical and promotional purposes, printed labels are a valuable solution.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What type of labels can you print?

Labels have a wide range of purposes and uses, from promotion to providing information on your product. We can print smaller labels for your product and packaging, or larger labels designed for retail applications such as shop windows, floors and walls.

Our labels also come in a range of finishes. Use an uncoated label if you are after a more matte look, or our gloss label if you would like a more glossy finish. We also offer a synthetic label which is a tougher and more permanent label that looks great for any application.

Do you offer labels in custom sizes and shapes?

Yes we do. There are no restrictions on sizes, shapes or quantity when ordering labels from Classic Colour Copying.

What should I include on my product label?

For the front of your product label, make sure to include:

  • Name of the product
  • Brand logo
  • Units of measure (size, quantity or weight of the product)
  • A tagline or short description

The back of the product label is where you can include more detailed information, such as:

  • Product story
  • List of ingredients
  • Directions for use
What must be printed on food labels?

By Australian and New Zealand law, the following information must be included on your food label:

  • Technical name of the food or drink (not the brand)
  • Net weight or volume
  • ‘Best-Before’, ‘Use-By’ or ‘Baked-On’ date
  • Ingredient list
  • Nutrition information
  • Allergy warning
  • Name and address of manufacturer, importer or distributor
  • Country of origin
  • Storage instructions
  • Lot or batch number

For more information on this please visit Food Standards Australia & New Zealand.