Adding a custom pop up banner to your marketing material is the perfect addition to any sales pitch – giving you the opportunity to reach an audience without having to open your mouth. It’s important, though, to ensure that you’re following the correct rules when choosing a pop-up banner design in order to avoid disappointment and money lost down the drain.

Thus, you may be questioning your need for a pop-up banner in the first place. Since digital marketing has a way of reaching a large audience from the comfort of a desktop, why add a custom pop-up banner to the list anyway?

As a professional who may be visiting trade shows in order to reach new audiences and create brand awareness, these are the important reasons why your business needs a pull up banner. 

They’re quite cost-effective.

Compared to online marketing efforts, pull up banners make more sense in terms of having marketing material which can be used on a continuous basis without having to spend money on a new ‘ad’ every month or so. As a once-off, durable purchase, you can rest assured that the money spent on conveying your brand message in order to reach a large audience is well worth it – even if it’s a small dent in your marketing budget.

They’re customisable.

Since each brand has different requirements, it’s absolutely necessary that pop up banners need to be customisable. Although our pop up banners are affordable, we never compromise the quality of our work or service, which is why we’re here to assist and offer advice on your pop up ideas. All you need to do is provide the artwork, if you have any, and we’ll ensure that your customised pop-up banner is designed according to your specifications and our expertise.

They’re easy to transport.

Pop up banners can easily be transported in your car, on your way to a trade show, by rolling it up and placing it in a travel bag – which makes pop up banners the ideal marketing tool for those on the road. Remember, you don’t always need to be bold and highly fancy in order to convey your branding message. Often, a simple pop up banner design does the trick.

They grab the client’s attention.

If you want to grab an audience’s attention without being too obvious or in their face, including a pop-up banner or two in your marketing strategy should do the trick. By adding a pop-up banner to the side of your exhibit, you’ll be grabbing the attention of trade show visitors and everyone who passes your stall, even if they’re not interested in your product/service. They may know of someone and will remember your name if your design is done correctly.

They’re easy to assemble.

It doesn’t take a Rocket Scientist to figure out how to put a pop-up banner together. All you need is one willing person and two hands to assemble a pop-up banner – saving you setup time and hassle trying to make your display look inviting. Remember, humans are visual beings, so if you’re able to attract a potential client’s attention with a simple graphic, you’re well on your way to trade show success.

They require very little space.

You certainly don’t need a large space for displaying your pop up banner design. Since they’re narrow and high, you’ll need very little floor space to convey your message – using the rest of your exhibit space for displaying your products. Remember, in order to catch the attention of exhibit goers from both sides of the floor, it’ll be worth it to invest in two pop up banners to place on either side of your exhibit.

They’re easily reusable.

Without having to spend a fortune on effective marketing material, you can add a few custom pop up banners to improve your marketing efforts and add real value to your time spent at a trade show. Remember, it’s all about using the correct wording and graphics in order to make your message pop. Accompany your pop up banner with matching brochure designs and business flyers and you’re all set for the next trade show.

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November 02, 2022