One of the most important elements when designing a pull up banner, is to choose images and matching design elements which will not only improve your brand, but catch the attention of the viewer – evoking a need to purchase your product/service. Of course, there are certain design ‘rules’ which need to be applied in order to ensure that your pull up banner is worth displaying.

Thus, if you are trying to figure out how to design a pull up banner, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind to create the perfect marketing tool for your business:


1. Focus on colour

In order to catch the attention of potential customers from across the room or even on the street, it’s important that the designer chooses bright, bold colours for the pull-up banner. Vibrant colours are more easily seen – keeping in mind that it falls within your brand. Remember to keep in mind the psychology behind various colours and the feelings you’d like to evoke when potential customers see your pull up banner.

2. Remember the subject matter

Matching the wording on your pull up banner design to the overall design will make plenty more sense to the potential customer. Thus, if your content is about the outdoors, you need to ensure that the image being displayed and accompanying colours fall in line with that same topic.


3. Consider the shape

When choosing an image/photo, opt for tall, rectangular graphics for your pull up banner design. Not only will the image be displayed correctly without cropping anything, the image will look natural where it’s being placed. Always keep this important tip in mind when searching for images online as landscape-oriented images might require cropping or editing, which could defeat the purpose of the image.

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4. Carefully plan the composition

How you intend to use the pull-up banner should be considered when coming up with the design. If you’re going to stand it on a table, the main focus point & imagery should be below the centre line, where prospects will actually see it. If the pull up banner is to be placed on the ground, the focus point should be above the centre line at eye level. This will ensure that your design and imagery isn’t missed by being out of view of potential customers.


5. Choose an image with a high resolution

There’s nothing worse than an off-brand, irrelevant or blurry image on your marketing collateral. Potential customers will quickly discredit you, and you could lose business. Always remember to choose a high-resolution image over a poor quality one in order to optimise your overall design. There are many online repositories where you can get high quality images for commercial use; some paid for and some free. Whichever you choose, make sure you have the legal rights to use it in your marketing collateral, otherwise you could end up with a hefty fine.


When creating your pull-up banner design, it’s important to ask for a mockup before proceeding with the printing – ensuring that your design matches you and your designer’s vision. Ask for a pull-up banner mock up before making your final decision.

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October 13, 2022