Building your brand one marketing moment at a time is what’s going to allow your business to grow in order to generate new income – ensuring that you’ll be a competitive asset in an industry where you’re fighting to compete in order to stay alive. Thus, when it comes to figuring out how to increase your brand awareness by incorporating simple pop-up banner design ideas, it’s important to keep the following tips in mind:


1. Keep it simple, yet effective.

The last thing you want to do is bombard consumers with information that they most likely won’t even see. Thus, it’s important to keep your pull up banner design simple by showcasing only the necessary information in order to grab their attention. Since you only have two to three seconds to make a lasting impression, always opt for simple when designing a pull-up banner for brand building.

2. Incorporate your brand colours.

Although it’s important to keep certain colours in mind when marketing a product or even your brand, you also need to ensure that you’re able to incorporate your brand’s colour in order to create consistency. Many brands choose colours such as red to symbolise energy or urgency; especially useful for demonstrating a clearance sale. Although yellow is the most visible colour to the eye and often noticed first.

3. Opt for high-resolution

You simply can’t get away with choosing poor quality images, which will completely ruin your marketing efforts and perhaps even damage your brand. However, it’s also important when choosing high-resolution images, that you’re able to use them in the first place. Many images have to be bought in order to obtain usage rights. If not, you could find yourself in a sticky situation involving copyright theft.

4. Solve a problem.

Most importantly, in order to receive attention in the first place, you need to be able to solve a consumer’s problem. No one will pay any attention to you if you’re unable to fulfil an important need. Thus, ensuring that the right message appears on your pull-up banner design is of utmost importance.

5. Keep important info at eye level.

Most individuals read only what’s placed at eye level. Thus, when it comes to content placement, always ensure that your main message appears comfortably in the spot where most consumers will notice your content first: completely at eye level with the most important information placed from left to right.

6. Place your logo at the top.

Always place your logo right at the top of your pull up banner design, along with your slogan or tagline in order to demonstrate your brand promise. Consumers want to know who they’re ‘dealing’ with as soon as possible; automatically being able to decide whether they’d be interested in paying attention to the rest of your message. You simply can’t win them all, but it’s worth a shot.

7. Remember your contact details.

Lastly, you always need to ensure that your contact details are placed at the bottom of your pull-up banner design – enabling those who are interested in what you have to offer to contact you easily without having to inquire more information in person. Keep it simple and memorable by including a social media link for easy access to your brand.

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Choosing an effective pull-up banner design in order to increase brand awareness doesn’t have to be a complicated task – as long as you remember to keep the above-mentioned pull-up banner design tips in mind. Remember, it’s important to keep it simple, yet effective in terms of solving a consumer problem without having to bombard consumers with information.

At the end of the day, the effectiveness of your pull-up banner design will determine your brand awareness long term – ensuring that you’re able to remain memorable even with a simple and affordable marketing tool.

October 12, 2022