Having a pull-up banner at your next trade show or simply stationed by your store is an absolute must if you want to attract new customers from across the street or exhibit floor. Although there are numerous other marketing methods which can be used to accumulate extra customers or showcase your product/service, you simply can’t beat the power of a custom pull up banner design. 

However, there are certain do’s and don’ts that need to be considered in order to avoid a retractable banner design disaster:


Pick the correct image size

Choosing the correct image is all about ensuring that it’s big enough in size – finding an image with a resolution of at least 150+ dots per inch (often seen as either DPI or PPI). Smaller images will become distorted and create an awful display on your banner. Remember, the bigger, the better for your pull up banner design.

Place the most important info at eye level

The eyes will naturally go where it’s most comfortable to read: at eye level. Thus, you need to ensure that you place the most important information or image at eye level or above the centre line. Anything below that may result in the potential customer not being able to see it as clearly or miss the information/image completely.

Choose your words wisely

Choosing the correct copy for your pull up banner could mean the difference between a successful ad or a complete waste of money. You need to ensure that a big, bold headline is present; including only the most necessary information that’ll grab the ‘reader’s’ attention. Use simple sentences and write as if you’re speaking to your customer.

Consider purchasing more than one

It’s always a great idea to purchase two pull up banners with the intent of placing one on each side of your exhibit or store front. The one pull up banner should grab the attention from potential customers moving in its direction and the other banner should grab potential customers’ attention moving in the opposite direction. If not, you could miss half of your clientele.

Take your market into consideration

Depending on where you plan on displaying your pull up banner, you need to ensure that the content matches the audience. Understandably, you can’t target a young audience with images of aged individuals. Remember to consider the small details when designing a pull-up banner.

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Opt for ‘cheaper is better’

Cheaper isn’t always better, but then again, you don’t have to go the expensive route in order to achieve quality. You do, however, need to ensure that the material being used suits your needs – whether you plan on using your pull up banner indoors or outdoors. The material being used will cater for each environment.

Forget about additional marketing material

Always consider additional marketing material such as brochure designs or sticker printing which will be handed out while standing by your banner – especially at events such as trade shows. Although you’ll have a pull-up banner to accompany your exhibit, you need to pull through with your marketing tactics by ‘hooking your bait’ even further while the opportunity presents itself.

Use landscape-style images

The ideal image type would need to be tall and rectangular in order to ensure that the whole image is being used correctly. Landscape-style images are quite problematic for designers in terms of being able to use the full image without cutting elements out or having to stretch the image.

Add too much of everything

Avoid adding too much text or too many images. The last thing you want is to create a pull-up banner that appears to be ‘too busy’. This will result in potential customers walking past your banner display due to confusion. They won’t know what it is that you’re trying to advertise and will immediately dismiss your product/service.

Leave out your contact details

Most importantly, you can’t forget to add your contact details at the bottom of your pull up banner design – ensuring that the individuals you simply can’t communicate with know exactly how to reach you. Place the contact details down below where people tend to know where to look for it.

Whether you’re interested in purchasing a pull-up banner for trade shows or need additional marketing material for in the store, it’s best to purchase quality in order to ensure longevity. Remember, marketing value cannot be underestimated and requires the commitment to make an investment.

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August 18, 2022