Whilst you certainly don’t need to be an expert in the field of die cutting, it helps to understand the basics of die cut printing so that you can decide whether it could be a suitable printing choice for your business or next project.

Die cutting saves time and ensures your cut-out shape looks professional and consistent every time. A wide range of materials can be precision cut into any shape you want.

What is traditional die cutting?

Traditional Cutting is a thin, razor-sharp steel blade that is in a specific pattern or shape depending on the item being created (imagine a cookie cutter). Hence, die cut printing refers to the process of using a die to cut through materials, such as paper and label stock, on a die press to create custom shapes and designs.

What is Digital die cutting?

Digital Die Cutting uses a computer controlled knife to cut the shape is required. The knife is driven by a cut file that the computer & cutter references when it cuts. The advantage with digital die cutting is that you can have any shape you want on the fly, without having to make a traditional “cookie cutter” die. This leads to a super low setup cost for the customer and immediate turnaround. Our cutter also has an integrated camera that can correct the shape to cut to match the print, allowing for real time print error correction.  The disadvantage of this process is it’s slower and more costly for high volume items, but is ideally placed for low to medium runs.

What materials can be die cut?

Whist you can use a wide-range of materials for die-cutting, it works best on those with low structural strength. In our case it is most likely paper for applications such as business cards, vinyls & stickers. Films, thin plastics & magnets can be cut but need to be tested first.

What are the possible uses for die cut printing?

Custom die-cut printed items can take your marketing material to the next level by making it more tactile and visually appealing.

Just draw your design in Adobe Illustrator, and Classic Colour Copying can bring your idea to life by offering die-cutting in a variety of forms, such as:

What are the design elements of die cut printing?

Dies can come in a large range of sizes and styles to suit your unique purpose or occasion. Depending on your choice of design and shape, die cutting is able to add a 3 dimensional component to your paper project. You can choose from basic shapes, florals and animals, to almost anything you can think of.

A die cut design can offer either a decorative or a functional element to your design, such as creating a die-cut silhouette to attract interest or a half-moon thumb hole on an open ended envelope.

Want to have your printed piece cut with precision?

Whether you want to change the shape of your business card, or swing tag, Classic Colour Copying can do it all! Call us today on (03) 9349 1199.

February 05, 2023