To many, print may seem a bit old school and an outdated marketing strategy, but actual brochure design and printing still plays a vital role in everyday marketing/advertising, for both print and digital marketing. As a necessary add-on for any marketer, brochure printing and design should never be dismissed as an outdated form of advertising.

Thus, if you are looking for useful promotional marketing material methods in order to boost your marketing efforts, why not choose what has proven to work for longer than the online realm has been around: brochure printing.

Here’s why you should bring brochures to your next networking event:

1. You’ll be able to provide relevant information on the spot.

Many clients receive emails which may never make it out of the spam folder, so why not target current and potential customers with an easy and affordable option of brochure printing? It’s short, sweet, and direct to the point without having to search for necessary information online. Since many businesses still rely on print advertising and customers seek instant information, you simply can’t show up to a networking event without brochures.

2. It’s a non-aggressive marketing tool.

Social media marketing efforts and telemarketing can become quite annoying and costly at times. Many marketers make the mistake of cross-contacting potential clients by calling them after they’ve filled in an online form when you should be using the same medium to return the favour. However, brochure printing is a non-invasive means of bringing your message across without making customers feel uncomfortable and annoyed..

3. You can stick to your budget easily.

Unlike most marketing channels, brochures become less expensive the more you order. Depending on the industry and marketing campaign you choose, the investment cost may not reduce and can become more expensive if you’re unaware of the tips and tricks to maximise your social media marketing campaigns – over spending on your budget with the simple change of a setting.

4. You’ll receive maximum exposure.

Since brochure printing has the ability to interact with customers wherever you want them to, reaching different audiences whenever they feel comfortable to receive marketing material, it makes for a great option to increase exposure of your brand in an affordable, long-lasting means. Remember, not every potential client is present online, but you can reach every potential client in person by handing out a brochure.

5. It’s great for improving brand awareness.

Working alongside digital marketing, brochure printing can increase your brand awareness by taking everything that you’re doing online and bringing it to life in real life. By enhancing the colours and graphics, perhaps making the brochures more interesting and intriguing, you can improve and increase your company’s brand awareness without having to spend a fortune on promotional marketing material.

6. You can rope customers in and nurture them later.

Whilst incorporating digital marketing into your marketing efforts is vital, you can at least introduce them to your business idea or service at an exhibit or networking event with the idea of going online to take a closer look at what you’re offering. Often, in order to maximise your marketing efforts, you need to explore various avenues by combining traditional print advertising and digital marketing.


When incorporating affordable marketing material into your company budget, it only makes sense to find a credible printing company in Melbourne to incorporate brochure design and printing into your marketing plan.

For an affordable brochure printing quote in Melbourne, get in touch for a free quote. 

February 06, 2023