Problem: To have the ability to create any shape on demand, very quickly, with low setup costs and using generic software that all designers are familiar with and industry standard.

The Solution: Investment in the latest printing technology has allowed Classic Colour Copy to solve this problem entirely.

Using a Digital Die Cutter (essentially a computer guided knife), we can create any vector shape you can think of. You can cut a large variety of substrates (card, paper, vinyl, laminated materials, reflective media, thin plastics etc…) to produce unique shapes, at a speed and price point not previously seen.

This technology also allows us to perforate (so it can fold) all in one pass with astonishing accuracy and repeatability.

With this new digital printing technology, we can create:

  • Custom Contoured Cut labels such as band stickers, logo shaped stickers and exact sizes labels.
  • Print your packaging prototypes & concepts so that you can hold your idea in your hand to see how it feels.
  • Unique, custom Business Cards that leave an impression
  • Completely customisable, memorable wedding or party invitations
  • Custom wine glass collars
  • Complex stickers and labels with custom/unique edging

The creation and printing of all these items has never been more accessible. Just draw your idea in Adobe Illustrator, using an A3 Art Board and give it to us, it’s really that easy.

Here are some real work examples of work we have done with this new printing technology to give you a better idea of what we can do with it.

Item:    Soap box

Run:    10 Units

Media: Conqueror Laid 300gsm Card

Print:    CMYK Print

Size:    95mm Hight, 65mm Wide, 35mm Deep

Item:    Die Cut Fish

Run:    2 -3 of each, 3 kinds various sizes

Media: 300gsm Silk Card

Print:    CMYK Print, 2 sides with Gloss Laminate on both sides

Size:    Approx 380mm to 200mm long

Item:    Wobblers, Custom Sticker

Run:    500 x Wobblers, 300 & 50 Stickers

Media: 300gsm Card, Gloss Adhesive Sticker

Print:   CMYK Print

Size:    Mixed

April 01, 2023