When you are creating and designing new packaging for a product, there are a number of things that you need to consider as part of the visual design. Consumers make subconscious decisions about products and pass judgements on products depending on how the product is packaged. There have been many studies which have been performed to identify the choices that customers will make based on the visual appeal of a product, and it’s important to know what makes for an appealing product. There are a number of elements that come into play when it comes to product packaging but we wanted to go over a few here to explain what options are available to your for your packaging.


The use of colour when you are creating packaging has a big impact on the product and how it is perceived by the consumer. There are broad messages to be found in colour perception, and we all know that colours play a big role in branding and purchases. Consider the colours used by big corporations such as Coca-Cola and McDonalds – they use strong and bold colours for their logos and colour palette. Research has been done that demonstrated that around 90% of snap judgements about products can be made based on colour alone. The relationship between brands and colour hinges on the perceived appropriateness of the colour choice – i.e. does the colour fit the product that is being sold?

Intent to buy is greatly influenced by colours due to the impact that they have on how the brand is interpreted and perceived. That is to say that colours influence how people feel about brands, and additional studies have been done to show that our brains prefer recognisable brands – which means that it’s important for new brands to target logo colours and to ensure that differentiation occurs between entrenched competitors. Basically, when it comes to picking a colour for your brand, research has found that picking a colour that is appropriate to your brand is very important.


Product packaging your brand

Choosing a font for your labels or packaging comes under the colour line, in that it needs to be highly visual and visible, and it needs to suit your product as well. You need to ensure that your labels are going to be clear and well designed and that they, above all, sell your product as best they can. For all your label printing needs, speak to our team of professional and friendly staff who can offer guidance and assistance with your project. Call us on 03 9349 1199 to start your project today!

April 01, 2023