Whether you’re a burgeoning startup or a large company with lots of experience, good client relations are sure to be an integral part of your success. These are the people with the power to invest in your future. The right client or partner can take an enterprise right to the top of the market. So, you’ve got to learn not just how to attract valuable clients, but how to retain them.

There are all kinds of ways to do this. One of the most important is maintaining lines of communication. Talk to your clients, recognise their contribution; you can even send them free gifts and bonuses to make them feel appreciated. You also need to have access to the tools necessary for building up a great corporate reputation.

It is important to have an attractive, comfortable office environment, for example, because this is where clients will look for clues about your worth. Keep reading for some tips on how to make your workspace shine.

Furnishings and Decoration

The last thing that you want is an office with four bare walls. You need a little colour and personality. Fortunately, canvas printing options are abundant and you can create unique pieces of art by simply sending your chosen image to a professional printer. You can also hang fabric tapestries, introduce bright, cheery plants, and invest in rich, warm materials.

While it might seem superficial to imagine a client passing on a deal because they don’t like your décor, but you’d be surprised at how influential it can be. As human beings, we are subconsciously drawn to people with a similar perspective on life to our own. This is particularly evident in the environments that we choose to build.

Office Layout and Design

When planning the layout of your office, make sure that there’s plenty of room for all the furniture. If the space feels cramped, it probably is and you need to get rid of some things. The most essential elements are your desk and an inviting, comfortable place to sit for your clients. Sofas are fine, but they need to be professional; no deep backs, which will have visitors sinking as soon as they sit down.

Consider the message that your office layout sends. For instance, even though the ‘speaker behind a desk, listener at the other side’ arrangement is a traditional one, it isn’t always very friendly. Having any big obstacle between yourself and a client can make it feel like you’re showing off or that you don’t want them to get too close. In other words, it isn’t very welcoming.

Access to Natural Light

Ideally, you really do want an office with a window. If this isn’t possible, you’ll have to experiment with more unconventional methods like a Solatube daylighting systems. This is a reflective tube that directs natural sunlight from outside and into windowless or subterranean spaces. Natural light is hugely important; it instantly makes people feel more positive and at ease.

When clients are at ease, they’re more likely to be generous and engaged. They close on deals more easily and are more adventurous. Don’t forget to add some leafy, green plants, because they liven up an office and add a sense of calm. The workspace should always feel inviting and never intimidate.

Why Office Décor Can Make or Break the Business

It absolutely is trivial to make business decisions based on first impressions, but it is what human beings do. We make up our minds very quickly, based on what we see, and then they’re very hard to change. This is why putting a little bit of time and thought into your office décor is a great idea. It will help you create an environment that feels ripe with possibility.

March 09, 2021
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