Online stores are becoming more and more popular as startup options, because they don’t require any physical premises to operate out of, and therefore there’s much less outgoings. The downside to online stores is that they don’t have a physical premises to operate as marketing for themselves, as a store can be a great way to draw in new crowds of people. Online stores can, however, take advantage of some tactics used by physical stores, such as flyer printing and sticker printing to draw in new customers.

Sticker Marketing

A great starting point for an online store is to get some stickers printed. Sticker printing is relatively inexpensive, and including a sticker in purchases shipped to customers gives them something to stick on their belongings, prompting others to ask where they got it from. It’s a reliable form of marketing that can be spread worldwide without needing to adjust any prices or set up anything other than the printing itself. If your designs are particularly attractive, the stickers themselves could become sought after, netting you another product for your store.

Innovative Advertising

Using print marketing to break into advertising for an online store is easy to do when you have innovative advertising ideas. Where many companies will print flyers and brochures to advertise for their wares, some will take a more innovative approach, and these are the advertising campaigns that really get recognised. Try incorporating curious designs, like cards that fold into product-relevant sculptures, to capture the eye and imagination of your customers.

Partnership Printouts

Partnering up with similar online stores and including your printouts in their packages can be a great way to reach an even wider audience online, and the world over. If this idea is combined with the sticker printing, your new audience can be many times the size of your original audience, all for just the cost of the sticker printing.

Document Offers

Offering discounts in your store for people who have physical pieces of card or printouts from previous purchases can be a great way to get brand recognition up. QR codes on small print outs included in shipped packages can be a good way to combine technology and physical advertising, and it gives your customer reasons to keep your advertising for their next purchase.

Matching up some of these ideas can have an even greater effect on your customer base, and your online store can skyrocket to new heights with very little effort, especially when compared to similar business growth in physical stores. Give us a call, or send us an email today, to get a quote on your printing needs for the next big step in your online venture.

April 04, 2021