If your retail business is doing pretty well, but not quite well enough, it could be time to take a serious look at your point of sale tactics. Even smaller companies should be securing a satisfying portion of their purchases at or around the till because shoppers are a pretty easily influenced bunch.

Most like to think of themselves as pretty single-minded when on the high street – they know what they want and they get right to it – but the reality is that consumers can be convinced to add more to their baskets with the right encouragement. This is what point of sale marketing is designed to do and it is what you need to master for stellar sales.

We have put together this handy guide to some of the best point of sale marketing tactics so that you can start maximising the potential of every single purchase.

 1. Use High-Quality Print Materials

One of the quickest ways to grab attention is with a big, bold sign. If you place striking print materials close to and around your till it will be hard for customers to ignore them. So, they’ll have to at least consider the message that you’re trying to convey. Make this message convincing enough and they won’t think twice about picking up point of sale items because they’re appealing and they’re right there in front of them. Check out the POS templates on our website for some ideas on the best print designs.

2. Make a Face to Face Offer

There is a clever way to capitalise on the impact of print materials that won’t cost you a penny. You can simply ask customers if they want to add to their shopping baskets. This is really effective in retail stores that have small, low priced items arranged around their till banks. A perfect example is sweets, crisps, or drinks, but the choice can vary, depending on what the brand is trying to sell. By directly asking ‘Would you like to purchase anything else today?’ you’re planting the seed and reinforcing the notion that it would be a great idea.

3. Think Carefully About Product Arrangement

When it comes to point of sale marketing, it’s all about gentle encouragement. You can’t demand that a customer buy a certain product, but you can make it more likely that they will do so. The first step is ensuring that they know what it is, where it is, and how to get to it. So, if you have a specific sale item that you want to push, place your displays in high traffic areas. Usually, this means those spots that shoppers have to pass or look at, in order to make it to through the store and to the checkout. Our customer gallery is filled with great examples of striking, effective POS arrangements.

4. Get Cosy With Your Vendors

If you’re satisfied that your print materials and POS stands are as effective as they can be, take some time to chat with vendors and suppliers. It is easy to forget that these are the people who know your products better than you do. They’ve spent years improving and refining individual lines and have probably invested a lot of money in market research. It is okay to ask your vendors for advice on what conditions are most likely to make their product fly off the shelves every week.

Why High-Quality Printing is the Key to Great Sales

We tend to underestimate how influential print marketing can be. Yet, all of us are using it to make purchasing decisions every single day. You stop to catch a bus and there’s an ad for your favourite chocolate bar on the side, so you pick one up after work. You pop into the newsagents for a paper and spot a new type of gum on a big, bright stand next to the checkout, so you decide to give it a go. These are the decisions that your customers are making on a regular basis. It is your job to be an opportunist and make sure that your business benefits

March 01, 2021