Printing custom labels and/or stickers can be tricky, but for the strength of the marketing brought in from stickers, it’s worth investigating. There are many factors not taken into consideration when planning to print sticker labels, and these can seriously set back businesses looking to finalise their product. Here are 5 simple tips for success in the world of custom label printing.

Allow for Planning

When designing a label or sticker, allowing enough time to develop the idea and the design thoroughly is very important. You might find yourself with an unfinished product at the deadline for printing, which leaves you with the tough choice of shipping unfinished labels or halting production until completion.

Consider Conditions

These labels are going to be subjected to conditions on whatever product they are placed on. A frozen product will need to use stickers that can withstand cold temperatures, a product often sold at markets will need to withstand the sun, etc. If the label or sticker can’t handle the conditions placed upon it by the product itself, it won’t last long. Print with this in mind.

Design Smart

When designing your label, make sure to design it with the final product in mind, and design to the strengths of the packaging. Use the shape of the packaging to make the label stand out, and use the label to draw the eye to the packaging. These things make the product more recognisable and more memorable, and the more memorable a product becomes, the more likely a consumer is to return to that product in future.

Examine the Competition

It’s important to look at what your competitors are doing to get an idea of what is working in the market, however it’s equally important to not copy their work. Your label and brand should be your own, and distinctly so, in order to set yourself apart from the competition and make yourself more memorable.

Hire a Professional

Lastly, don’t attempt to design the sticker or label yourself unless you’re a qualified graphic designer, as a professional will always be able to extract more design themes from a design brief than a business owner can, and your label will look much better when professionally designed. Many business owners make the mistake of designing their own labels and doing their own branding, but their brands then don’t accurately represent the quality of their products.

Custom labels and stickers can and will increase the presence of your brand, but the better the design process and material selections go, the better your finished product will be. If you take your time and decide carefully, your product will be much more polished, and your brand will benefit from that immensely.

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June 22, 2022