If you are looking for an inexpensive marketing tool that packs a mighty punch for your business, then a pull up banner may be the solution that you are looking for. Whether your business is small or large, pull-up banners can make a real difference by triggering awareness and interest for your business’s offering. When pull up banners are designed well, they will act as your ‘silent salesman’ by sending your business qualified leads so your salespeople can close the sale. They can also turn any location into an instant marketplace for your business. Below are a few tips that should be kept in mind when developing a pull up banner that sells.

Grab prospect’s attention with a compelling headline

The headline is the most important element on your pull up banner. The right headline will capture the attention and stimulate interest for your business’s offering. Some compelling headline templates that you can use include the following.

Using attention grabbers.


Warning:____________ (For example, Warning: 50% of Australians pay $1000 more on their energy bill than they should. Are you one?)


50% off!




Best sellers.


Are you __________ ( For example, Are you worried about your skin?)


Money back guaranteed!

_____ways to ______ (For example, 10 ways to improve the quality of your coffee roasting at home.)



Buy now, Pay later!

Buy one, get one free.

2 for 1.

Pre-qualify prospects with short sales copy

Many people make the mistake of only using images in their pull up banners. To maximise the impact of a pull up banner, short and succinct copy that pitches your business’s offering should be used. The copy should arouse interest and motivate the potential buyer to make an enquiry. Below is an example of sales copy that was used on another pull up banner.

Headline: London Junk

Copy: Get rid of all your junk today!

Headline: $10 All you can eat lunch.

Copy: Enjoy traditional Indian curries and rice dishes Monday to Friday.

Drive more leads by using a ‘Call to action’

To turn shopping browsers into leads, your banner needs to compel them to take an action that shows that they are interested in buying what you have to offer. Your pull up banner should ask people to:

  • Speak to a representative.
  • Call a phone number.
  • Send an email enquiry.
  • Visit a website.
  • To leave their contact details.

Some ways your banner can ask people to take action include:

  • Call (number)
  • Send an email to (email address)
  • Speak to our consultant at (location)
  • Visit our website at (website address).
  • Fill in this form and one of our experts will get in touch with you.

Use pictures and images to drive intent

You want people to relate to the message on your pull up banner. Consider using images such as high-resolution photographs or call outs to make your pull up banner more appealing to your target audience.

Pull up banners are a cost-effective marketing tool that can get your business’s message across to prospective buyers in a matter of seconds. To find out how pull up banners can work for your business, speak to one of the consultants from Classic Colour today!

July 18, 2022