"Almost A6" Discount Flyers | Melbourne International Comedy Festival

Order our "Almost A6" flyers to save an additional 8% on your comedy flyers. Our "Almost A6" flyers are 100 x 140mm, so only a few millimetres smaller than a standard A6 flyer, which is 105 x 149 mm. Due to its unique size, we are offering a lower rate than our A6 flyers, offering you another option to save on your flyer printing.

Flyer Specs

  • Two Sides Printed
  • Full Colour
  • 150gsm Coated Paper
  • Standard Processing - 24 Hour Turnaround Mon - Fri

Our "Almost A6" 100 x 140mm Flyers are a great option for your comedy show promotion.

These flyers will be printed on high quality paper that we currently have in stock in our warehouse. Because of their slightly smaller size, we can offer you a discount on these flyers compared to a standard A6. 

Save 8% by ordering the "Almost A6" Flyers.

Fast Turnaround

If you're needing your comedy flyers quickly, we can have these printed and ready for pickup within 24 hours (Monday to Friday).

Need more than a thousand flyers? For rock bottom rates - see our A6 Flyer early bird specials!

What should I include on my MICF poster?

Include in all marketing material:

  • show title
  • artist name
  • who the show is presented by
  • a strong, eye-catching key image
  • dates, time, venue of show
  • a clear call to action about where and how to buy tickets (comedyfestival.com.au) • sponsor logos (FYI these must be cleared with the Festival’s Partnership Manager first)
  • one or two genuine quotes about how fantastic the comedian or the show is
  • Melbourne International Comedy Festival season logo (find this in the Resources section of the performers site)

Price Comparison Standard A6 vs Limited Deadstock Flyers

Flyer Quantity 

Standard A6

105 x 149mm

Deadstock Price

100mm x 140mm 

50 $66 $60.72
100 $94 $86.48 
150 $121 $111.32
250 $164 $150.88
500 $235 $216.20
1000 $391 $359.72

For orders over 1000+ view our A6 Flyers for the best prices

Fast Turnaround 

If you're needing your comedy flyers quickly, we can have these printed and ready for pickup within 24 hours (Monday to Friday). 

Download our "Almost A6" Flyer Templates

"Almost A6" .INDD Template "Almost A6" .JPG Template "Almost A6" .IDML Template "Almost A6" .PDF Template

Frequently Asked Questions

What format do I need to send my artwork in?

Artwork specifications & Flyer Setup

Please ensure that you upload print ready PDFs. A print ready PDF needs to be:

  • High resolution
  • 300dpi images
  • CMYK colours,
  • 3mm of bleed on all sides,
  • Trim marks supplied

If you are unable to supply as a print ready PDF, we may be able to use other files and fix any that are not print ready. This can incur an additional fee.

Please Contact Us or send your file to us to verify if you are unsure.

Can you help me with the design?

Of course! We offer in-house design services - please note this comes as an additional cost, so please get in touch to discuss.

Can I send you a poster I made in Canva?


Just make sure when you create it, you make your file in the correct size.

When you export your design;

  1. Select 'PDF Print' as the file type
  2. Tick "Crop marks and bleed"
  3. Tick "Flatten PDF"
  4. Select CMYK as the colour profile
How much notice do you need for the early bird discount on A6 flyers?

The turnaround for the early bird discount is only one week!

So if you're ordering a few weeks out from the festival you can save $$$ on your larger quantity A6 flyers.

What do I need on my poster or flyer?

The Melbourne International Comedy Festival logo must appear on all the advertising and
promotional material of shows officially registered in the Festival.

Want something more custom for your flyers?

For further assistance, or for larger flyer printing orders, please fill out the quote form below and we will get back to you!