With the multitude of marketing materials available on the market, it’s important to decide on which will work best for what you’re trying to achieve. Since certain marketing options cater for specific purposes, saving you money where you can instead of spending it on marketing materials which simply don’t cater for your needs would be the most logical way of choosing the correct marketing option for your business.

Custom pull up banners serve a multitude of marketing purposes without having you worry about cost and ROI. Keep the following questions in mind in order to determine whether a custom pull-up banner is the right marketing choice for your business:

1. Do you need to be able to transport your marketing collateral easily?

Pull up banners are meant to be easily transportable between venuses without causing a hassle. If you require an advertising option which is highly effective, and you don’t want to leave it at the venue, then investing in pull-up banners is your best option. Easily transportable by placing the banner back in its bag, you’re ready to move to the next venue with ease.

2. Are you working with a limited budget?

Depending on the location and size, some advertising spaces for signage and/or billboards can cost an arm and a leg. Pull up banners are relatively inexpensive considering the longevity and marketing value you receive. If you do have a small-ish budget and you need quick and easy advertising material, it’s best to purchase a custom pull-up banner.

3. Do you need marketing materials for an exhibit?

Trade shows, in particular, require marketing materials that catch the attention of potential customers from afar, which is where pull up banners become quite handy. Yes, you can network and hand out business flyers, but you can do both whilst displaying your pull up banner and kill three birds with one stone.

4. Do you have limited help for exhibit setup?

Setting up your space at an exhibit can often be time-consuming – often needing the help of a few individuals to ensure that everything is setup properly and ready to go. However, pull up banners are designed to take only a few seconds to assemble – clipping a few parts together in order to create a perfectly well designed pull up banner for usage.

5. Do you want to give a lot of attention to a specific product?

Pull up banners can be ideal for promoting a specific product by using big, bold imagery and strong copy  to attract the attention of prospective customers. Alongside handing out business cards & flyers, which could get lost in the hustle and bustle of the event, a well designed pull-up banner will attract the attention of customers straight to your stand or exhibit.

6. Do you have limited space?

When it comes to advertising space, there’s often only a limited amount of space available to advertise your product/service. This is where a custom pull-up banner design comes in handy. Pull up banner dimensions depend greatly on your needs, but it definitely allows for maximum marketing within a limited space.

7. Do you have quality images you’d like to display?

Pull up banners require big, bold images of whichever scene you’re trying to portray. Thus, if you do have beautiful, bold images or graphics you’d like to show off, investing in a custom pull up banner is ideal – making use of existing marketing material in the form of a banner.

By using a pull up banner as a marketing tool, you’re able to reach a large audience without having to say a word. Not only is it a cost-effective means of advertising, you’re pull-up banner will continue to work for you for many months still to come.

If you’re looking to get a professionally designed, quality pull-up banner for your business, get in touch for a free quote. 

April 01, 2022