For many years now, we’ve been helping businesses harness the power of first impressions. While we all like to think that the way we are perceived is more than skin deep, the reality is that the corporate world moves fast. It is all about making a mark and standing out from the crowd. It is all about earning that second look.

At Classic Colour, we can give you everything that you need to make a mark on the industry and get consumers talking. From beautiful business cards to banners, point of sale printing, flyers, promotional stickers, and more; our high quality branded materials are guaranteed to increase your exposure. So, if your branding is in need of a boost, you’re in the right place.

Keep reading for some valuable advice and information on why first impressions are so important for contemporary businesses.

Speed is of the Essence

We now know that it takes just three to five seconds for a person to form a first impression. In this brief moment, they decide whether or not you’re a worthwhile person to interact with. This works in much the same way for things like print advertising. You may not be stood in front of a person, holding out your business card, but consumers are still judging your brand based on a fleeting impression. So, whatever it is that you’re offering – be it a business card or a store front sticker – it must be eye catching and striking enough to be remembered later.

Consistency Is Everything

As we discussed in our July blog, on the best ways to synchronise online and offline marketing tactics, consistency is just as important as speed and impact. There needs to be a clear and cohesive message running through all of your branding materials. This means sticking to a stylish but, ultimately familiar, colour scheme and design. Colour is immensely powerful when it comes to print advertising. Studies have now shown that consumers can identify brands based on their colour palette alone, so find a design that works and maximise its value.

Invest in High Quality

If you want to make a first impression that turns into more, it is important to put your best foot forward right from the start. Get rid of those tired POS prints and invest in a fresh, contemporary new look. At Classic Colour, we’re committed to helping your business get the most of print media. Our promotional stickers, for example, are a cost effective way to get your brand out there.

They are suitable for use on store windows, shop floors, packaging, flyers, leaflets, and direct mail. With our large format printing service, you can create striking signs, custom installations, billboards, murals, and exhibition stands for road and trade shows. If your branding is consistent and attractive, consumers will associate your business with reliability and trust.

Why Classic Colour is the Best Choice for Print Media

We have been creating high quality branded materials for almost three decades. So, there is nobody better placed to understand your promotional needs than us. At Classic Colour, you are the priority. In fact, we can work closely with your team to make sure that all designs, colour schemes, and test runs are of the highest calibre.

November 23, 2021
Tags: Marketing Misc