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Classic Colour Copying specialise in sticker printing and with over 25 years’ experience in the industry, we are the perfect choice for top-quality, premium sticker printing in Melbourne. Promotional stickers are everywhere. They can be found on envelopes, branded packaging, wine bottles, food cans, stationery, shop windows, gift boxes, and much more. From the smallest of logos to the grandest of store front displays, printed stickers are one of the simplest and most affordable forms of visual marketing.

We work with a broad variety of industries, so we are certain that we can cater to your needs, no matter the scope or the size. Whether your speciality is construction, retail, event planning, or the restaurant biz, we’ve got a design to suit you.

Finding the Right Stickers for You

The best reason to choose Classic Colour Copying is our flexibility and commitment to quality. There are no restrictions on size or quantity when ordering our printed stickers, but every single order delivers the same guarantee of excellence. Our standard pre-slit stickers come in a range of shapes and dimensions. They can be produced in a full colour or with a partially translucent design, so that they can be placed directly onto products or packaging.

Classic Colour Copying also provides full scale promotional decals. These large adhesive prints can be placed on store windows, shop floors, and even on asphalt sidewalks. Plus, if you only want a temporary design, you can try our semi-permanent printed stickers. They are suitable for indoor and outdoor applications and can be removed in a matter of seconds for your convenience.

The Advantages of Printed Stickers

The benefits of using printed stickers for promotion are endless. They are colourful, eye catching and can be used to convey important pieces of information or product features. With a bright, attractive sticker, you can break up branded designs and make sure that shoppers recognise your logo and products.

They are also highly practical, particularly for businesses working within the food industry. Instead of trying to incorporate space for nutritional labels within your branding, place the details on a premium printed sticker. Your customers will still get the information that they need, but you don’t have to change or overhaul your brand design to provide it.

Why Classic Colour Is the Best Choice

When it comes to high-quality sticker printing in Melbourne, there’s no better option than Classic Colour Copying. We are committed to fulfilling your practical and promotional needs, no matter how big or small. Our expert team is on hand to discuss your requirements and answer any questions that you might have about prices, sizes, turnaround rates, and more.

Sticker printing

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