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Creative ideas that will breathe new life into your office

If you were to eavesdrop on your group of employees conversation over social drinks, do you think you would hear them talk about how wonderful your office is? Places like Google and Facebook have developed office environments that appeal to employees so much; it has become their second home. People spend at least 50% of their lives in the workplace. Their productive output depends so much on being in an environment where they can thrive. Your business might not have hundreds of thousands or millions of dollars to spend on redesigning or retrofitting a new office setup. However, your business can use these creative ideas to add more appeal to your office’s setup.

Invest in the best equipment for your staff

People are proud of their working environment. They want to have all the tools that they need to be as productive as possible in their role. Items that may seem insignificant to some managers can make a world of difference to employees. Some ideas include:

Investing in an ergonomically friendly office chair

When an employee has their perfect office chair, they will feel like they are the commander-in-chief at their workstation. The chair will provide the employee with extra comfort, allowing them to be more productive in their work activities.

Give your employees a ‘state of the art’ computer setup


Don’t just give your employees the standard cheap computer. Invest in a powerful machine and computer setup that will allow them get excited and to thrive. Some considerations include:

  • Providing staff with multiple computer screens.
  • Providing staff with fast computers.
  • Providing staff with cutting edge computers such as Macs or laptops.
  • Providing staff with state of the art accessories such as wireless keyboards or Bluetooth mice.

Create a cool breakout area for your employees


“All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy”, so the saying goes. The same applies to the staff in your organisation. Create areas that will allow your employees to refresh themselves so they can be re-energised and be more productive. Some cool ways your business can implement this into its office environment includes:

  • Providing staff with alternative seating, such as beanbags, hammocks or chezlongs.
  • Providing gaming consoles such as the PlayStation or Xbox.
  • Providing recreational gaming activities such as a Ping-Pong table, table football or a pool table.

Be creative with naming the office areas

Add more of a wow factor to your office by creating a theme that employees can play along to. Rackspace created an office theme that includes a replica of the entrance to the UK Prime Minister’s office at number 10 Downing Street.


Even EBay plays on the British theme by allowing people to make phone calls from a British phone box.


Add a bit of fun with playful signs and office banter

Your business can easily build a sense of fun and enjoyment by placing signs around the office. They can be simple printouts that inject a bit of humour, like the example below.


They could also be professional printouts on pull up banners, such as the example below.


Create a sense of vibrancy with positive messages

You can inject a new sense of energy into your office by providing positive messages around the office. These can be displayed as wall murals, flags or in pull up banners in and around the office. Alternatively, you could invest in canvas prints like the one below.


These are a few inexpensive ways you can inject energy and vibrancy into your office. Make the commitment to transform your office today.

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